This afternoon I stopped into a 60’s/70’s thrift shop called Uncle Funky’s” to drop some of my crochet flower hair pins and bows off to sell! I actually ended up selling two pins while I was still shopping around in the store. How cool is that?! I got these adorable earrings and a beautiful vintage 70’s scarf dress!

Check out Uncle Funky’s on their Facebook page!

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(Or my crochet daisies will go…)

For the past four months of selling my hair pins in my shop on etsy, my crochet flowers have made it to seven different states, including my home town! I want to celebrate my success by sharing where all of my crochet creations have gone so far.

Denver Pa, Boise ID, Muscle Shoals AL, Shalimar FL, West Plains MO, Valrico FL, and Houston TX.

So far, I’ve had a total of 7 sales, 12 orders, and a total of 26 individual flowers and bows sold!

Part of my inspiration for selling my crochet flower pins was to see how many of my crochet creations I can spread across the US. Making my flower pins is half the fun, but knowing that my art work is being worn and adored across the states is very fulfilling!


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Just the other day I picked up my guitar and started writing some music!

Most of my music inspiration comes from Tennis and Best Coast. I used garage band on my mac to record my tunes and voice!

Let me know what you think 😀



We all have a lot to learn about love.

I want to love more like this!

Quote of the week:


Life’s too short to be fussy and down, even though it’s hard not to be sometimes.

Find happiness in the simple things in life like listening to birds chirp, stretch a little in your back yard in the morning, and smell every flower you can.

Compliment others, give more gifts for no special occasion, bake cookies for your co workers, give your mom a hug, call your dad, send letters, meditate, pray.

Smile, Laugh, Love, Be Truthful = Happiness ❤


You’re falling through space? Just the other night I had a dream where I was driving on a high way where the roads started to take control of my car.

The road seemed to be keep building itself higher and higher into the sky until I could look down at earth and see the stars against the infinite black sky. At one point, all that was left of my car was the car seat I was sitting on and I was suddenly turned upside down.

I saw the road (which, at this point, was now some enormously loud, black and red machine holding me in space) drop a black sphere into dark sky right in front of me. My heart sunk and without even having a second to think, I was dropped into the darkness. 

As I was falling, I saw stars flash past my eyes and couldn’t tell which direction was up or down. I was suddenly struggling to open my eyes and heard birds chirping as I was spinning… 

Tapping into your dreams can be a very interesting thing… I’m no dream analyst, but anyone could tell that I’ve been through a little bit of stress.


I struggle with this a lot.

Good things follow after making the right decisions, even if those decisions are extremely hard to make. 


Here’s a little wire sculpture I dreamed, imagined and created last semester in an art education class.

With only a couple pieces of wire, I sculpted the head, body, and tail with a thicker black wire, and the whiskers and fish with a thinner silver wire. 




Just the other day I picked up my first issue of Mollie Makes! This is the perfect magazine for any crafter, artist, or decorator 😀 It’s bright colors and cute pictures are perfect for inspiration and new projects.

This UK magazine teaches you how to crochet, sew, quilt, and so much more! In this month’s issue, Mollie came with a little pouch on the front of the mag that included some pink string, a crochet hook and a pin. Inside the magazine, you can learn how to crochet a pink flower brooch! How sweet is that?!

I was so happy when I saw that a lot of the people featured in this magazine have etsy accounts! This magazine gives me hope for my shop to be discovered.

I’d recommend this magazine to any etsian or anyone who wants to start making simply beautiful things for your home. Pick up a copy today and be amazed!

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This is my acoustic Takamine guitar!!! I got it from a musician from my church, about two years ago, who wanted to give it to someone who would put it to good use.

Almost every night I practice on this baby and dream of recording my songs. If only I had a drum set! I love playing guitar and creating my own music, because it’s what flows from me. I love to sing as well!

So far I love playing tracks by the cults, tennis and my own little ditties 😀

Recordings of my songs and vocals are yet to come.